1. natgeotravel:

    Dive into a jewel green cenote in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

    Photograph by Ryan Sweeney

  2. aconversationoncool:

    Elton John at the piano bar aboard his private plane by Terry O’Neill, 1974.

    (Source: midcenturymodernfreak)

  3. arqbto:

    Sturges House — Frank Lloyd Wright (1939)

    Photographed by Balthazar Korab. Los Angeles, United States.

  4. Rolex advertisement via Vintage Hour (1969)

  5. natgeofound:

    A cruise ship and other boats passing beneath a bridge, 1968.Photograph by James P. Blair, National Geographic Creative

  6. Shanghai from the SWFC. Shot by Alan Koh (2011)

  7. Paperboys stand by the Old Statehouse. Shot by Detroit Publishing Co. (1900)

  8. engineeringhistory:

    The IBM System/370 Model 145, 1970. The System/370 Model 145 was the first general-purpose business computer to use monolithic circuits in all memory and logic functions, and used semiconductor technology rather than magnetic cores.

  9. scandinaviancollectors:

    MIES VAN DER ROHE, Crown Hall, Illinois Institue of Technology, 1950-1956. / Only An Echo

  10. heavytweedjacket:

    A Press English wool & linen jacket, a favorite BB tie and an old faded pink 'Makers' OCBD under blue skies. Hope your day is a hummer, too.